GSM Booster Working Condition

GSM Booster Working Condition

GSM Booster Working Condition
Where will you use it, city centre? bay? external receiver antenna of the product, roof etc. If possible, it is placed in a high place and it is sufficient for at least 1 external signal to reach this place where you will place this external receiving antenna.
Although it varies depending on the model, if the device receives at least 1 tooth of the 2g, 3g, 3.5g, 4g, 4.5g signals coming to the external receiving antenna, it takes them, strengthens them, makes them full and transmits them to you from its internal antenna. This is the working condition.

In other words, if there is at least one external signal, the product will not stop working where you place the outdoor antenna.
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If there is signal from all 2g, 3g, 4g, is 2g, 3g, 3.5g enough for you? Or will there be 4g and 4.5g in the device?

NOTE: If there is only 2g broadcast on your roof, the device cannot receive it and make 3g 3.5g or 4g 4.5g. Or if there is 3g 3.5g, the device cannot do this with 4g 4.5g.

IF there is a 4G 4.5G signal in your area and you want 4G 4.5G LTE MODELS to be compatible without needing to be checked, the models that you can plug and play directly are the ones with more bands (4band or 5band). If the device has a problem in one band, it will automatically connect from the other one.

Because 4G 4.5G broadcast is not like 2G and 3G 3.5G. Even the frequency range of 2g 3g 3.5g broadcast varies in some regions, but in 4G 4.5G the frequency range varies almost completely from region to region. Models with a higher number of bands support them directly, unless there is a different situation. If you are considering economical models with low band count, we need to have this easily checked before we can choose the compatible 4G 4.5G model for you. Afterwards, your compatible 4g 4.5g models will be recommended.

Please contact us via the contact form or Whatsapp for model selection and help in this regard.

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