About Model Selection and Working Condition.

About Model Selection and Working Condition.
where will you use it, city center? bay?
        the product's outdoor receiving antenna roof, etc. If possible, it is placed on a high place, and at least 1 tooth signal is sufficient for this place where you will put this external receiving antenna.
        Although it varies according to the model, the device receives at least 1 tooth from at least 1 tooth 2g 3g 3.5g 4g 4.5g signals coming to the external receiving antenna, receives them, strengthens them, makes them full and gives them to you from the internal antenna. This is the working condition.
       that is, if there is at least 1 tooth signal, it does not work outside or on the roof.
     Do you have at least 1 tooth signal on your roof? If yes, which ones do you have 2g(E) 3g(H) 4g(LTE) ?

      or 2g 3g 4g if there is a signal from all of them, is 2g 3g 3.5g enough for you? or will there be 4g and 4.5g in the device?

NOTE: If there is only 2g broadcast on your roof, the device cannot receive it and make 3g 3.5g or 4g 4.5g.
or if there is 2g 3g 3.5g, the device cannot do this in 4g 4.5g. If you do not have at least 1 tooth signal from 4G on your roof, it will be unnecessary to buy a 4G model. At this stage, 2g 3g 3.5g would be suitable for you.

IF there is a 4G 4.5G signal in your area and you are also considering 4G 4.5G LTE MODELS, we should choose the compatible model together.
So WHY Should We Choose Together 4G 4.5G Models?
   Because 4G 4.5G broadcast is not like 2G and 3G 3.5G.
Even the frequency range of 2g 3g 3.5g broadcasts varies in some regions, but the frequency range in 4G 4.5G almost completely differs from region to region.
In order for you to choose a compatible 4G 4.5G model there, we need to have it easily checked first. Then we will recommend you compatible 4g 4.5g models.

Please contact us via the contact form or Whatsapp for model selection and help in this regard.